Open Letter to the Board of Directors at Lyon-Marti​n Health Services from Clients and Community Supporters

February 8, 2011

To: Lyon-Martin Health Services Board of Directors
CC: Lyon-Martin Health Services Staff, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Senator Mark Leno, Senator Leland Yee, Assembly Member Tom Ammiano, San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium Board of Directors, John Gressman

In the last ten days, our response to news of the possible closure of Lyon-Martin Health Services has been proactive and unequivocal. We have helped raise over $225,000, mobilized thousands of community supporters, and gained the attention of local and national media. We’re committed to continuing our organizing and fundraising efforts to keep the clinic open. Lyon-Martin provides quality healthcare and mental health services to people regardless of their ability to pay. Closure of this clinic would leave many of our most vulnerable community members without access to care.

In moving forward with our work, we ask the Board to:·

  • Publicly commit to a course of action to keep the clinic open and avoid bankruptcy
  • Provide the community with public weekly updates of the current business, financial and legal status of Lyon-Martin Health Services

We look forward to the Board’s partnership in returning this crucial community resource to financial stability and full operations. Keep the clinic open!

Lyon-Martin Health Services Clients and Community Supporters

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